Put Together a Fashion Forward Look for Spring with Palettes from Lime Crime

Fashion experts have always provided beauty tips to help women look their best during any season. With the arrival of spring, this season’s beauty tips includes using products from Lime Crime. The fashion look for this spring is all about creating a glow. Knowing how to highlight different facial features enhances the overall appearance of the face. When used correctly, a facial highlighter could give select areas of the face a subtle glow. Highlighted areas could include along the cheekbones, under the eyes and along the bridge of the nose.

One of the best ways to achieve a highlighted look is to use a color coordinated palette. Lime Crime recently introduced a new version of their popular Venus palette, which is aptly named as Venus 3. This collection of fashionable colors is the perfect accessory for any spring look. A palette of colors allows greater freedom of expression by offering shades that range from the subtle to the vibrant. This type of color-coordinated package also allows individuals to choose between using a single shade for all highlighted areas or incorporating several shades to create a more complex look.

In addition to using the Venus 3 color palette to highlight certain facial features, it also works well as a color system for all day use. This is also true of the company’s previous versions, which include the original Venus and the Venus 2 as well as their line of Pocket Candy palettes. Each package of colors offers shades that could be used for both day and evening looks. The colors in each collection are designed to work together so people can feel confident about their choices.

Additional beauty tips for spring include the application of matte lip colors and eyeliners that make bold statements. Lime Crime has always been on the cutting edge of trendsetting styles, which is why their color palettes incorporate this season’s most sought after shades of purple and rose. The Venus 3 glittering pastel pink or lavender could be easily worn with any other coordinating shade in the palette. Each version of the Venus palette includes eight coordinating shades ranging from warm to cool.

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The RealReal Brings Luxury Items To The Masses

The RealReal is an upscale resale website that was founded by CEO Julie Wainwright. The company recently secured new financing and is aiming to raise another $100 million, which would already add to the $170 million the company has managed to raise in the seven years they have been open. The RealReal specializes in the resale of clothing and accessories from brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.There is speculation as to why the company and their investors are seeking to move forward with additional fundraising efforts. Some think that they haven’t grown enough to generate public interest and may not yet be ready to function as a stand-alone company. Others feel that the company actually has potential beyond what was previously thought in regards to the luxury second-hand market. RealReal goes to great links to minimize knock-offs and fakes that come through the channels. They employ an in-house team of experts to authenticate the merchandise before they offer it for sale. The company uses a consignment business model in which they offer the customer anywhere from 50%-60% of the sale price.

The RealReal is a company that is appealing to a growing market. Many people find the options of buying second-hand luxury clothing and accessories very appealing. They also feel more confident ordering from a company that takes a wide variety of measure to ensure authenticity and quality. People know that they get a quality and authenticity guarantee, which makes buying luxury items from RealReal safer than other channels online.

Julie Wainwright began a small company from her home and has managed to create a thriving company that practices modern business standards and believes in sustainability. RealReal is expected to continue to see growth and continues their efforts to raise additional funds to help increase their reach and productivity.

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Sheldon Lavin: An Influential and Inspirational Executive

Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and chief executive officer of the OSI Industries, a leading corporation which manufactures and supplies high-quality meat and protein products. Recently, he was given the Global Visionary Award, from one of the most influential institutions in India. The award is being given to individuals who have envisioned a brighter future and made contributions to make these visions happen in real life. They believe that Sheldon Lavin deserves the award because of how he transformed the business into a multinational company that generates billions of dollars in revenue. They are also amazed seeing how he was able to expand the business overseas, with over 60 operational facilities scattered in 16 countries.

Sheldon Lavin thanked everyone who nominated him to receive the award. He never expected that a foreign award-giving body would be recognizing his efforts in transforming his company into one of the most competitive in the market. He has been a part of the OSI Industries in the 1990s after he decided to offer his legal services to the founders. Through time, the founders decided to sell most of their shares to Sheldon Lavin, technically making him the owner of the whole company. As the chairman and the CEO of the OSI Industries, it is his responsibility to make sure that the company can create high-quality products that will be delivered across the world. He is responsible for the continuous expansion of the company and dreams of transforming the business into a global entity that would be present in all nations and continents, supplying the people with their protein needs.

Before he joined the OSI Group, he is busy looking after his investment management firm. He provides financial assistance to companies and earns revenue through interests and other sources of payments. In the 1970s, the founder of the OSI Group contacted his office and asked him for financial assistance. During this time, McDonald’s Corporation has partnered with the OSI Group to create the bestselling burgers on the planet, but for the OSI Group to keep up with the changes, they need to invest a huge amount of money. Sheldon Lavin gave them what they needed, and as a form of gratitude, he was given an indirect position within the company. Until this day, he never expected that his career would be changed drastically from being in the financial sector into the food manufacturing business.

Learn More: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

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Ronald Fowlkes: Tactical Gear Master

Ronald Fowlkes serves as the current business development manager for arms manufacturer and tactical gear producer Eagle Industries Unlimited. He has been with the company for some time, and he was given his office in St. Louis, Missouri. It is his responsibility to overview how the products of their law enforcement department are being manufactured, and he has also taken charge of its commercial distribution. Eagle Industries Unlimited has been manufacturing tactical gears for so many years. Many countries have already known how powerful and convenient their gears are, and it is the reason why they are the first choice in transactions involving the purchase of tactical gears. They proudly claim that their products are created from some of the best high-quality materials and that these tactical gears are powerful and effective, primarily when it is used in the active operation. Eagle Industries Unlimited has been operating for more than 30 years, and they chose St. Louis, Missouri as the location of their headquarters.

Before joining the Eagle Industries Unlimited, Ronald Fowlkes has been working with the law enforcement, and these experiences helped him gain knowledge on how tactical gears work. He worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the St. Louis County Police Department for more than 13 years. He also had training with the military when he joined the army in 1989. He had to serve the Marine Corps until 1993, and his experiences in the Gulf War helped him become a knowledgeable combatant, and it also trained him to use weapons and tactical gears.

In July 2008, a job opportunity for Ronald Fowlkes came. He received the news stating that Eagle Industries Unlimited is looking for someone who can become their next business development manager for their law enforcement and commerce department. Confident about his skills, he went to the office and applied for the position. He included his experiences with the police and the military, and when the human resource department reviewed his resume, they were impressed by his skills and knowledge in using tactical gears and arms. He was hired instantly because of his military and police background, and the company is confident that he can use these skills to their advantage.

Today, Ronald Fowlkes takes charge at the law enforcement and commerce department of the Eagle Industries Unlimited, and he is making sure that the products created by the company are demonstrated carefully to their clients. He would show their clients how each tactical gear is used, to their amazement. Ronald Fowlkes has already contributed a lot to the growth of the company. He is also considered as one of the assets of the Eagle Industries Unlimited, and the management simply wanted him to stay for a longer time because of his talent.



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The Remarkable Wilderness Management Contributions by Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is a renowned forestry visionary who values the wilderness for the role it plays in providing people with incredible resources for societal fabric, recreation, games, and inspiration. Chackerian provides the people he works with such as nature enthusiasts, partners, and clients with the necessary tools and strategies needed to ensure that wilderness areas are preserved. Ara also advocates for sustainable methods of harvesting natural resources.


Additionally, Ara says that the wilderness areas have precious resources meaning that they should be well conserved. Some organizations and individuals play an important role in conserving the environment. For instance, there is a committed team of forestry experts who assist in wilderness management. Some of the measures taken include protecting wildlife and controlled curation of trees to ensure that future generations also benefit from the same.


Planned forestry techniques should be applied to manage the wilderness, and preserve wildlife. It is important to note that fires, storms, drought are also some of the natural threats that destroy wilderness areas. Ara Chackerian notes that each wilderness area is unique meaning that it has precious resources that should be preserved. According to Ara different methods of resource management and planning should be applied.


Chackerian says that there is the need for sharing information about natural resources and encouraging public dialogue. He adds that an informed public is well equipped to ensure conservation measures are carried out accordingly. Ara Chackerian is among the few forestry experts who use scientific techniques and excellent tools to minimize diseases and manage wildlife areas.




Ara Chackerian is an accomplished entrepreneur, angel investor and a dedicated philanthropist. At ASC Capital Holding, LLC, Ara serves as a Managing Partner. Additionally, Mr. Ara is a board member and one of the founders of TMS Health Solutions. Ara has more than 20 years of experience in working with notable healthcare companies such as BMC Diagnostics. Check out about.me page to know more.



In an interview, Ara said that he never plans his day but instead works to meet his goals. He adds that he values balancing his philanthropic desires with his entrepreneurial activities. Ara gets most of his ideas from life experiences. Digital Healthcare is a trend that excites Chackerian a lot due to its potential of changing lives.



Click here: https://interview.net/ara-chackerian-limonapa-teak/

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Waiakea Water: Magical Volcano Water That Can Increase Your Overall Health

Waiakea Water is unlike any other bottled water that we have ever seen. The water itself is unique in the fact that it is bottled directly from a live volcano in Hawaii. The volcano is called Mauna Loa and it is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of square feet of pristine ocean water. There is not a single industrial structure within thousands of miles of the islands shores, making it some of the purest water in the world. The island that the volcano is on is almost wholly comprised of pure vegetation that is natural to the island. As the volcano’s ice caps melt, the water slowly trickles down more than 14,000 feet of pure, untouched volcanic rock. This rock is comprised of minerals, natural elements that are then infused into the water. The water also picks up essentials such as magnesium and calcium. While many companies add these things in to their water, all of Waiakea’s Water picks up these elements fully through the natural process of running over volcanic rock.

Yet, the source of Waiakea Volcanic Water itself has a whole plethora of other entities that makes it highly unique and has created a buzz that has people traveling to their local health food stores to check water aisles, or performing Google searches to determine just when they can finally get their hands on a bottle of the magical volcanic water. Although the water itself is what is generating the main buzz for Waiakea Water, there are so many other elements that make it one of the hottest new products in the health market and the best choice in bottled water that we have ever seen.

The company was recently featured in Premier Gazette, where the publication highlighted what else made Waiakea Water better than the rest. The volcanic water has a natural pH balance of 8.8. Our bodies’ natural pH should sit around a 7.4 in order to be in prime health. However, most of us are far below that, meaning that our bodies are more acidic and more open to things like attracting free radicals and our cells not functioning at the highest capacity.


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How Jeunesse Is Helping Thousands Of People Look, Feel And Think Younger

Many people want to retain a more youthful appearance and wellbeing. Now, one company has created a line of products that help people regain their youth through an innovative 360-degree approach. That company, Jeunesse, is leading the way in rejuvenation products.

What makes Jeunesse different is their 9-step approach to helping men and women maintain a youthful appearance and wellbeing. Below is the complete list of Jeunesse’s line of rejuvenation products.

Luminese-Luminese is designed to restore youthful skin through a proprietary hydrating formula APT-200.

Reserve-Using a unique blend of superfruits and packed with antioxidants, Reserve is designed to supplement your diet and boost your wellbeing.

Finiti-Jeunesse’s most advanced supplement, Finiti contains powerful ingredients such as Coenzyme Q10, Pomegranate Extract, Quercetin, and Turmeric.

Zen Bodi-A powerful weight management designed to help you sculpt the body of your dreams.

AM/PM EssentialsThese powerful vitamins provide the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and strong day and night.

M1ndA strong mind is the key to youth. And M1nd is a powerful dietary supplement packed with CERA-Q™, which has shown to support memory and help reduce mental distraction.

NevoNeed a healthy boost? Nevo is a powerful energy drink with no artificial colors or flavors and just 50 calories per serving.

Instantly Ageless Reduce bags, fine lines, and wrinkles in just under two minutes with this powerful cream which lasts 6 to 9 hours per use.

Naara The amazing skin care that you drink! Packed with TruMarine™ Collagen, Naava can help give you a more youthful appearance in as little as four weeks.

Jeunesse is a unique wellbeing company that helps people turn back the clock of their mind, body and overall wellbeing. Under the rallying cry of “We Are Generation Young,” Jeunesse believes that everyone deserves the right to be as youthful as they want to be. Using their Youthful Energy System (Y.E.S.), Jeunesse has created a line of products that restores youth from your skin to your mind to your body.



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Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and that stuff is puzzling but true

After the March release of his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, Sean Penn sat down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to talk about the book, that some deemed hard to describe, and absurdist. Penn told Vogue, that he has no intention to get back into acting and instead has focused his energy on this work, which he feels is on a parallel plane to the #METOO movement. Penn told Trevor Noah, that the book looks to talk about “the dark nature of humans” and how they can be drawn to the tendencies of fascism. In the book, Bob Honey is an angry American with a dirty secret – he kills senior citizens with a mallet. He does so because he feels that they are hindering progress, and wants to do his part.

The book may at times be absurd, as Trevor Noah acknowledged, but there appear to be similarities described between the state of American affairs, and Bob’s life. For example, Bob witnesses the election of the President in 2016, and later even writes an angry letter to him, telling him that he is unfit for office. When asked, Penn tells Noah that the book describes how some Americans want to serve their country, yet lack the direction or cause to do so. In this case, Bob feels linked to helping his country and does so by murdering people for the name of progress.

Aside from discussing the novel, Penn also gives some reasoning for his character, who is somewhat similar in views to himself in real life, and at times it seems hard to tell them apart. Penn talks about his anger at Trump for his comments about Haiti, he also discusses his unusual relationship with Hugo Chavez. He uses this moment to discuss his displeasure with American enforcement of Democracy overseas, and includes his disdain for the drug wars. Penn feels that it was crucial to talk to EL Chapo to learn more of the conflict there. Penn seems to have created Bob to personify American issues, and it worked.




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Luiz Carlos Trabuco To Pass On The Mantle

A change of guard is looming at Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco will soon be vacating the office of president. One of the executive vice president’s has been earmarked for the position. This will maintain the tradition that the organization has developed over the years. The top job is given to an insider.

Octavio De Lazari Jr. is the firm favorite to take up this lucrative position. This is after an elaborate nomination and succession process. The Appointment and Succesion Committee of the leading bank in Brazil have given the process a green light. Octavio came out on top among the other prospective candidates. His efforts and merits at the organization earned him this place.

In a statement released by the bank they insisted that there was need for continuity at the top level. This was geared to maintain the high class status that the bank has established over the years in Brazil and the rest of the world. Octavio had a clear view of what takes place in the bank during his tenure as executive vice president.

According to istoedinheiro.com.br Lazari is expected to continue to execute his duties as Bradesco Seguros Group’s chief executive, a position that was once held by his predecessor. His colleagues hold him in high regard due to his great personal attributes.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco held a press briefing, he mentioned the timelines of the succession process and when he would be relinquishing his position. This was to take place at the Board Meeting that would be preceded by an Ordinary General Meeting.

He also talked about the need of having a smooth transition process to set a precedent for the future generations. He identified the 13 million customers who did not have direct access to digital services as the greatest challenge that his successor would face.

Read more on Valor.com.br

Luiz Carlos Trabuco does not seem troubled. He has achieved great success throughout his time at Bradesco. His career that has lasted for close to half a century is greatly admired by foes and friends in equal measure. He now moves to head the Council Presidency.

The 66 year old made headlines in the Isto Dinhiero magazine as the entrepreneur of the year back in 2015. In the same year he oversaw the greatest procurement in the bank’s history- the acquisition of HSBC bank. Forbes magazine recognized his tremendous work the following year and listed him among the finest chief executives in Brazil.

He was among the youngest employees of Bradesco Bank when he joined them at the age of 17 to work as a clerk. 15 years later, he had rose to the marketing director position. His commitment at the organization saw him rise through the ranks and in 1999 he was one of the executive vice presidents.It was only a matter of time before he became president of Bradesco Seguros. This took place in 2003.

His tenure saw the bank grow in leaps and bounds. At one point its insurance sector was ranked the best in Latin America. He supervised the establishment of Unibrad University, a leading corporate university. Here their executives as well as other employees acquired personalized corporate skills. This has improved service delivery and productivity at the bank.

See: https://oglobo.globo.com/economia/bradesco-anuncia-novo-presidente-octavio-de-lazari-junior-vai-substituir-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-22365414#ixzz56wDld69g

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Alexandre Gama: Someone You Can Trust

During the 2009 year Alexandre Gama was elected on of the 10 most important leaders to have been working within the communications industry. He was able to receive this award thanks to the Meio & Mensagem newspaper. His work as a creative professional and entrepreneur have really helped with him winning such awards.

In the 2013 year Gama was able to create the Rock Giant campaign about Brazil for Johnnie Walker. The campaign has become something that is both nationally and internationally famous. Of course, all of this has made it so that they could win the company of the year award coming from Diageo. Alexandre Gama has certainly helped many individuals out with his work. He founded Neogama his own advertising agency. Neogma is the largest advertising agency in Brazil.

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