Jaime Garcia Dias And His Advice For Aspiring Writers

It is a conversation that most aspiring writers want to have. And most of them never get up the nerve to have it in the beginning. Aspiring and novice writers at Carioca Literature Academy are looking for answers to their concerns and doubts. For them, Jaime Garcia Dias has been proved to be a boon and a sound mentor and his blog is followed by millions.

Jaime Gargia Dias was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro In Brazil where he still lives and works today. His father was a renowned writer and mother an architect. From the start, Jaime Garcia Dias was more inclined towards writing than anything else. He excelled in school and contributed to school magazines on a regular basis as well. His first job as a professor at Carioca Literature Academy was a life-changing moment for him. Jaime introduced many new techniques for teaching at the academy for students who wanted to become writers. His techniques were them considered as standard by the academy for other teachers to follow. He became the Vice President of the academy in 1997 and contributed many articles and work in literature to various magazines, newspapers and journals. His articles on Jornal Do Brazil mainly published his stories during childhood.He has also written many short notes honoring his father in the literature field.

Most aspiring writers have asked Jaime Garcia Dias on Twitter about what it takes to become a popular writer like him. The answer from him has always been to follow their passion. More than likely, most of them are also using his advice and taking it seriously. When it comes to writing, Jaime Garcia Dias has a number of suggestions for young writers. As in his own experience, issues that get these writers to start thinking about writing are bound with fear and anxiety. He wants those writers to focus on their skills and not worry about the outcome. He suggests them to take up classes in literature and improve their knowledge as well. For them, Jaime Garcia Dias offers many seminars and talk sessions on a regular basis. Many educational institutions have invited Jaime for advice as well. Jaime Garcia Dias has written more than twenty books and most of them are best selling novels in Brazil.

Writing as a passion helps facilitate the next step says Jaime, a part of which will be producing more content for his Vimeo page. It may not seem like that at first. It is not always fun to write, but eventually any writer will get there. Getting all the fear out on the table and facing it all together can be helpful. How does writing fit into your lifestyle, plans, dreams, goals and priorities?

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