Newark CEDC Helps Bring Prosperity to the City

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (or Newark CEDC) is the catalyst for economic growth for New Jersey. It facilitates growing businesses and attracts small and minority business owners to prosper in Newark. The Newark CEDC offers opportunities for new real estate development in the city.

There are a variety of services offered by the Newark CEDC. Newark CEDC works toward attracting and retaining businesses. They encourage small and minority business to grow and succeed. With the help of developers, Newark CEDC offers assistance in the real estate market including site selection, permits, and gap financing. There is a strong focus on small business development in Newark. The CEDC looks to expand business opportunities so community members feel invested in the city. Newark CEDC looks to help develop neighborhoods through project management and the ever-growing economic development in the city. Another service the Newark CEDC strives for is the industry focus. To help maintain the economic growth and maintain the diversity, the corporation looks to assist with manufacturing, health service, information technology, higher education research, arts, among other fields.

The newest leader with the Newark CEDC is Kevin Seawright. He comes with over thirteen years of experience in economic development and financial management. His experience stems from Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement, where he was the acting Fiscal Officer. He also comes with experience as the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority in Baltimore as well as the Finance Director of the Homeless Services Division. Mr. Seawright’s passion and knowledge have grown over the past decade. Prior to his experience in Baltimore, was a strategic planner in Washington, D.C. for the Finance and Human Capital at Tito Contractors. CrunchBase shows his past involvements have assisted in developing his expertise in small business development and real estate development.

Asides from his professional background, Mr. Seawright is highly involved in his community and is a frequent Tweeter. He has acted as a board member for the Babe Ruth Museum. He is also a coach for the local youth sport teams. Mr. Seawright continues to be the interests of the city and the communities at the highest level. He is an active member of the American Society for Public Administration as well as a board member with the National Association of Black Accountants.

The Newark CEDC was developed in 2007 and has since be reorganized and renamed. By collaborating with the Department of Economics and Housing Development, the Newark CEDC is exploring opportunities to maintain economic growth and wealth for the community’s residents. This corporation offers stellar opportunities for Newark’s success and prosperity for the community members.

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