New Contract for Slyce

The visual products search platform, Slyce is stationed in Toronto. Currently, the organization is looking forward to improving the sales channel existing between the customers and retailers. By creating an instant product recognition platform, they have really improved the alliance between retailers and customers. To implement this, they have delivered their visual search technologies in a vast way.

The organization’s technology to the far exists in many big retail brands and it covers a number of revenue streams. The technology has improved greatly and now the customers can take photos their desired products using their mobile phones and freely engage with the retailers.
As per the report on marketwired, Slyce visual product search platform publicized a contract with a large global toy retailing client. This was followed by an announcement on the launch of the proprietary retail technology solutions. Slyce is looking forward to having the contract generate high amount of earnings while the link increases sales and mitigate cart abandonment.
Through the attributed visual relevance analysis held, customers have really been offered with favorable alternatives as far as the product selection is concerned.

Mark Elfenbein, CEO at Slyce in a statement said that from the link retailers would obtain consultation that will assist in picking customers with a purchasing interest through to a transaction. This will also help in assisting customers that are going through the distress of cart abandonment but still have an interest in transacting. Customers are also well taken care of by being offered purchase alternatives.

Slyce link has been made effective through; displaying similar products on the product page to serve as alternatives, showing visually similar products in almost every product image, having on display products that are reasonably of more or less prices and having on display similar alternative products to take care of those suffering from transaction abandonment.

The link is readily available through API or widget. There are high expectations towards high earnings from the link’s distribution besides the established business model.

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One Response to New Contract for Slyce

  1. Telemis Monday says:

    The only true fact is that the CEO at Slyce in a statement said that from the link retailers would eventually be droped. This sounds stupid to me. But I think it’s the best thing do anyways and rushessays are in full suport of this decision.