Doe Deere’s Middle Finger To Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is no stranger to the fashion rules that dictate today’s fashion society. She has seen many different and has chosen a select few that she loves to throw away in her fashion trash can. She makes sure that the rules always get broken and follows he own set of rules that involve looking the best that she can and feeling super confident about the way that she dresses on a daily basis. There are many rules that she breaks, but she definitely has a few rules that are her favorite to be able to break no matter where she is at.

The rule that says you can’t wear more than one pattern is a crock and one that many people have thrown out, but it still remains one of Deere’s favorite to get rid of when she is dressing for her daily life. By making sure that she feels confident, she may come across more than one pattern that she wants to wear. The most important part of mixing patterns is finding ones that go together and ones that make you feel great about yourself while you are wearing them, not about what matches you.

By choosing bright colors, Doe Deere has already gotten rid of one fashion rule. Many rules say that you should not wear more than a certain number of colors. Doe Deere chooses to wear however many colors that she wants. She does not worry about colors that do not match and she does not worry if she has too many bright colors because in her world there is no such thing as too many bright colors. She focuses instead on the colors that she likes and the colors that make her feel good about herself while she is wearing them.

There are many fashion rules that go without saying and one of them is that you should always dress your age. You should not be concerned with this rule because there is no right clothing that is perfect for every person of every age. If you are 76 years old and want to wear a tutu to dinner, do it. If you are 23 and prefer pastel twin sets, you should buy as many as you want. Dressing your age is a rule that applies to nobody and Doe Deere knows that you can dress however you would like to, no matter the age that you are.

Doe Deere has worked in the fashion industry and has seen many different rules. She knows that there is not much better than being able to be an individual in a world full of cookie cutters. She has taken these same principles that she learned in her fashion blogging days and has applied them to her uber unique makeup company that is intended for other individuals who enjoy being unique.

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