Doe Deere Shares Her Favorite Beauty Tips

Beauty is something we all love. Many people strive for beauty in their daily lives. People all look for ways they can look and feel beautiful. One of the easiest ways to do so is via the use of own fashion. While rules exist, as fashion and makeup pioneer Doe Deere points out, in an article for Bustle Magazine, fashion rules can also be broken from time to time. The ideal kind of fashion, according to Deere, is one that allows for both beauty and yet individual self expression at the same time. The best fashion is also one that allows any given person to feel happy and confident as they go about their daily lives.

In the article, Doe Deere talks about her own sense of rule breaking and how it has helped shape her own identity as someone who loves and adores fashion. Her rules are all about being yourself and not taking as gospel rules that may be useful but may not apply in all possible circumstances. For example, she cites the well known rule of not wearing a bold eye and a bold lip at the same time. Deere wants us all to turn such rules on their head and engage in our fashionable makeup ideals. She wants us all to be our very best possible selves and feel good about doing so.

Deere started her very own makeup company, Lime Crime, in order to help people get access to her own brand of makeup and become more confident in their makeup choices. As a result, she has seen vast growth in the number of people purchasing items from her personal site and drawn a great deal of inspiration from her ideas. Her website shows off how it is possible to use her ideas about makeup as inspiration to create a look that is right for them.

She has spend years in the field studying the kind of makeup that can help people express who they are.  Her work has been highly admired and hailed by those who look to her help them express their own inner sense of style and fashion as well.

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