A newly discovered virus Zika virus has spread in many parts of Brazil. The virus transmitted by a mosquito is said to affect the brain in infants. When the mosquito bites a pregnant woman, the virus can be spread to the unborn child. The child is born with deformities such as a small head. The child development becomes impaired.

In the last year, over 3500 cases of babies with brain damage were reported. The children become restless and don’t feed well. These factors contribute further to retard the development of the child.

Dr. Sergio Cortes, an expert in dealing with epidemics, helps people understand the Zika virus. Having dealt with the Dengue virus, he says the symptoms are similar. Some of the symptoms include high fever, red spots on the skin, body and eye aches. It is more distinct in infants than in adults. In infants, microcephaly is very noticeable.

Currently according to National Public Radio, the virus has no known prevention or a remedy. The Brazilian health department has put aside resources in efforts to find a vaccine. The virus has mainly hit Brazil spreading to the Caribbean and Latin America. Most people especially the pregnant women are warned against travelling to the virus hit countries. It is to help their babies avoid misfortune like never being able to talk or walk. People in the hit countries are urging the government to put more efforts to help their babies get the care they need.

From first-hand experience one of the mothers shares her concerns about the virus. She states that the country at this point needs additional health specialist to tackle the situation. This way, several other babies will be saved.

According to Dr. Sergio Cortes hydrating the body is critical. Though there’s no cure keeping the body hydrated, it may slow down the effects. He also states that there’s a possible drug on the way. So far the drug is in its second last stage. He expects that soon enough the drug will be approved and undergo its final phase and finally ready for a prescription.

The virus has become an epidemic causing a fear of another health crisis. Experts hope that they will be able to counter this situation before it becomes a crisis. The Zika virus spreading in other countries may end up affecting the health sector in a huge way. According to Sergio Cortes, the outbreak can be controlled by trying to eradicate breeding sites for the mosquito.

Sergio hopes to educate more people by posting several findings of the dengue virus on his website and social platforms. Many people visiting his Twitter account can access health information. By posting this information, most people survive as they await the vaccine to be released.

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