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Yeonmi Park Continues Her Fight Against North Korea

The North Korean refugee Yeonmi Park has recently been discussing her amazing story of successfully defecting from the Communist state to South Korea. In a article the story told by Park in her memoir “In Order To Live: A … Continue reading

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Star Wars Release Proves The Force Is Still Strong

Despite the countless Star Wars films that have been released, this unique brand has proven that they have changed the industry with their high earnings. Changing the world of films, the latest Star Wars film have proven that this amazing … Continue reading

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Gourmet Pet Food has Consumers Drooling

When the words “marketing” and “nutrition” are used together, there is often one thing that’s forgotten about: pet food. Yet for many people across the country, tending to the well being of their furry friends is simply taking care of … Continue reading

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The Best Tasting Food Might Be Found in an Unexpected Place

People have been paying a lot of attention to high quality, organic, gourmet food these days. It seems like most news outlets can be counted on for information on the latest and greatest food trends to appear in some of … Continue reading

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