The Best Tasting Food Might Be Found in an Unexpected Place

People have been paying a lot of attention to high quality, organic, gourmet food these days. It seems like most news outlets can be counted on for information on the latest and greatest food trends to appear in some of the trendiest areas. But the Daily Herald recently provided an interesting twist on gourmet meals. Because one of their reporters went out to take a look at one of the most interesting variants of thanksgiving dinner around. And it was so interesting because the meal was quite literally for the dogs. The reporter was given a tour by two executives within a dog food company. And at the end of the tour they both picked up some Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe dog food and took a big bite. With an exclamation by one that it tasted just like Thanksgiving, it became clear that dog food seems to be changing. And this is echoed in the advertising for other companies as well. For example, another is playing with the idea of tasty dog food with their “he’ll have what you’re having” ad campaign. It might seem like dog food has been changing dramatically over the past couple years. But it’s more that many companies are catching on to the fact that higher quality ingredients mean higher quality food. For example, a company called Beneful has been doing something similar since 2001. Most people know of the company due to the fact that they’re dedicated to the health of man’s furry friends. The name itself refers to the health benefits of highly nutritious foods. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the high quality dog food brand Beneful is also one of the first to really focus on using fresh, natural and delicious ingredients. Beneful’s use of fresh ingredients can easily be seen simply by opening up a package. Many other brands of dog food are so heavily processed that one can’t differentiate between different flavors. But Beneful derives flavor and nutrition from natural ingredients.

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  1. Gerry Joseph says:

    And as such one can easily see the meats and vegetables which make up the meal within every container. And dogs can instantly taste those natural flavors with every bite. It is also a very good thing for custom essay services to have observed for a very long time which is very cool and good.