Gourmet Pet Food has Consumers Drooling

When the words “marketing” and “nutrition” are used together, there is often one thing that’s forgotten about: pet food. Yet for many people across the country, tending to the well being of their furry friends is simply taking care of a member of the family. This idea is the one fueling a spike in healthy dog food brands today.

Richard Thompson is chief executive of Freshpet Inc, a small gourmet pet food company that distributes the only industrial refrigerated food on the market today. While that may seem like an extreme, the booming $23.7 billion industry demonstrates people’s desires to feed their pets in the best way possible. Determined to prove the nutrition of their products, Freshpet Inc’s Michael Hieger goes as far as to do a tasting demonstration for a plant tour. With market sales soaring 45% since 2009, pet food companies like Blue Buffalo Co and Mars Petcare have adopted the gourmet trend. “This,” Thompson says, “is the next level of how people are going to feed their pets.”

In the wake of the increased popularity in healthy dog food, Purina has stepped up its market appeal with its prestigious, healthy dog food line Beneful. Beneful offers many tasty and nutritious offerings to pet owners, and features 8 delicious dry food options, 20 varieties of wet food, and 11 healthy dog treats.

Despite its relatively recent merging with Nestlé, the Purina Beneful brand has garnered over a century of experiences in animal food production. Combined with industrial resources, the nutritional value that Purina ensures is found with Beneful lets pet owners rest easy knowing that their companion is getting food that even they might eat! Their formula adhere’s to AAFCO standards, which means that it meets strict health regulations.

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