Star Wars Release Proves The Force Is Still Strong

Despite the countless Star Wars films that have been released, this unique brand has proven that they have changed the industry with their high earnings. Changing the world of films, the latest Star Wars film have proven that this amazing series is still going to stand strong. Economist Jon Urbana revealed on his blog that the earnings of the Disney company shot upward by more than 46 percent in revenue from the movie to $2.7 billion. The sales and the success of this brand and Disney has chosen that the increase and performance

The higher revenue success in segments and products have shown all of the wonderful growth within the company. The rise didn’t seem as high simply because of the countless different success from Frozen’s consistent yearly sales of merchandise. The thing with this film is that their countless success has proven that sales and the growth potential can continue to rise outside of the film’s.

Disney believed for Frozen to be the only big Disney hit to have a frenzy go on. Apparently, there is more to the story with Star Wars: The Force Awakens joining in. This $2.7 billion dollar film is proof there is more growth and potential for Disney when they get out there with successful sequels that bring people in.

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