Yeonmi Park Continues Her Fight Against North Korea

The North Korean refugee Yeonmi Park has recently been discussing her amazing story of successfully defecting from the Communist state to South Korea. In a article the story told by Park in her memoir “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom” she takes readers on the journey that began in 2007 as she crossed into China in a bid for freedom accompanied by her mother and sister. A sign of the success Yeonmi Park is having in her fight against the smear campaign on The Reason begun by North Korean officials against her is the fact the attacks on her character have continued from Pyongyang.

Yeonmi Park has told her story on a number of occasions, but is still in great demand to provide details of the fight for freedom she undertook entering the freezing waters dividing North Korea and China in 2007. The journey to freedom was prompted by her father losing his position in the elite class of North Korea, finally faced with starvation the family made the difficult choice to head for freedom in South Korea.

Since her arrival in South Korea, and decision to continue her activism in the fight against the North Korean regime Park has placed herself in a public position as she bids to help others still in danger. Yeonmi Park has faced the issues associated with laying the details of her life out for the world to see, which includes detailing the sexual abuse she and her mother underwent at the hands of people traffickers. Park has made it clear she is willing to continue the fight against North Korean oppression despite the persecution she has faced herself, particularly as she recognizes the fact she carries the hopes of thousands of citizens still trapped under the authority of the North Korean regime.


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