Trumpf and the Benefit of Wikipedia

Not understanding why you suddenly see “Donald Trumpf” everywhere on the internet and social media? Fans of John Oliver’s show Last Week Tonight will be thrilled to discover that someone created a Wikipedia page for Donald Drumpf. If you were not lucky enough to catch the segment in question, the page can bring you fully up-to-date in a matter of minutes. While it appears the page has since changed its header to “Donald Trump (Last Week Tonight),” the wiki entry still contains all the information you will ever need about the moniker’s background. 

On his February 29th show, Oliver did an entire segment on the potential presidential nominee, Donald Trump. The segment, which even included a newly created “campaign song,” ended with the comedian suggesting that everyone use Trump’s supposed original surname, Drumpf, to separate the man from the name. The internet, predictably, took this suggestion and ran with it. They created parody Twitter accounts, bios, and ultimately a Wikipedia page.

The Wikipedia entry serves as a tool for the show, a place to display all the information in one, well-known place. Wikipedia has proven to be useful in this manner generally, with companies using the tool to create their own required results when they make a Wiki page. The benefits of such a tool include things like increased online presence, which is a must have these days, and the ability to drive traffic back to your company website. Companies and individuals looking to increase their online brand can even hire Wiki writers from a Wikipedia editing service, such as Get Your Wiki, to maximize the potential benefits of the site. Using such an editing service allows Wiki experts for hire to handle the Wikipedia business page creation without companies having to jump through Wikipedia’s complexities themselves. Ultimately, it means the ability to use the site to increase your brand while saving time and energy.

In the meantime, you can go look at Drumpf’s Wikipedia page and enjoy it with the rest of us.

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  1. Madison Elijah says:

    The page contains not only the background details from the segment itself, but also quotes from a biographer about Trump’s connection with the name, and a photo of grandpa Friedrich Drump. That alone could have made to have an alternative plan to what is currently going on for them.