Sergio Cortes Has Great Concerns About The Zika Virus


The Zika Virus is currently spreading throughout the world, infecting numerous people. This birth defect causing disease used to be contained within a group of african nations. Nowadays, it exists on multiple continents, including south america. It has currently come to Brazil in force, with cases occurring on a frequent basis. Sergio Cortes explains that the Zika Virus has some very fundamental differences from a majority of other disease epidemics. There is a different mode of transmission, and the effects of the disease are very different from the majority of epidemics. Also, it can be very difficult to identify the Zika Virus. It tends to have a quality of being exceptionally subtle and difficult to detect.

The Zika Virus does not present itself with dangerous, obvious symptoms. There are many cases of the Zika Virus that are fully asymptomatic. If a person that contracts it is an adult that is otherwise healthy, there isn’t likely to be much danger. However, if the person that contracts the disease is a pregnant woman, it is a very dangerous situation for the baby. The Zika Virus is proven by the World Health Organization to lead to changes in the baby’s development. Fetal development is altered in such a way that the head size of the baby can be reduced, resulting in a condition known as microcephaly. Microcephaly is one of the worst birth defects that an infant can be born with. The intelligence of a baby with microcephaly can be gravely affected. In fact, they can be so severely impaired that the child is not able to function. If that weren’t bad enough, it is possible that the Zika Virus could also be a risk factor for another birth defect.

Another frightening thing about the Zika Virus according to a NoticiasR7 article is it’s frightening elusiveness and lack of an effective treatment. Doctors cannot even test for the Zika Virus, let alone treat it. However, doctors are familiar with the way that Zika Virus tends to clinically present and can make a diagnosis that way.

One can get the Zika Virus from being bitten by a mosquito carrier. Mosquito bites are the only known means of transmission of the disease. Therefore, pregnant women are advised by Sergio Cortes to take steps to prevent mosquito exposure. There are bug sprays on the market that can be safely used by pregnant women. Sergio Cortes advises that pregnant women apply them before going outdoors. Also, pregnant women are advised to leave as little as possible of the body exposed to being bitten by potentially infected mosquitoes. Also, mosquito activity typically is variable across different times of day. Pregnant women should try to avoid or limit time outdoors at these times of day and/or night.

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