From George Soros to the EU

George Soros is an American and Hungarian hedge fund manager and investor. He is the founder of Soros Fund Management and co-founder of Quantum Fund. George Soros is a billionaire with an estimated net worth by Forbes of about $24B and is in the top 30 of the richest people in the world. His career as an investor has been highlighted by a number of enormous achievements. He is mostly famous for predicting the fall of the value of the pound and made a profit of $1B after selling before its value fell. His funds are also recognized as largely successful over the years earning investors returns of over 10% annually.
Mr. Soros has been largely involved in philanthropy and outside of the business world; it is what he is known mostly for. He has donated to various universities around the world such asSouth Afr ica, Russia and the Central European University in Germany and Hungary. He has also given to organizations that seek to transform backward leadership, regimes, and dictatorship.

Mr. Soros has used his wealth to make a difference in the world and engineer positive change. George Soros has penned a number of publications including The Bubble of American Supremacy, Alchemy of Finance and Crisis of Global Capitalism. He also writes for a number of news outlets such as the Economist, NY Books, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal. His articles range from opinions about the economy to those on issues affecting the world such as terrorism and war. In fact, Marketwatch published one ofGeorge Soros articles recently on the migrant crisis of the EU.

George Soros presented a few ideas that he thinks will help in tackling the refugee crisis. He observes that the member countries have failed to solve the issue by working alone. This has made it worse for the refugees who have a lot of problems to deal with already.  The EU must first absorb the refugees as a unit and do so equally. This is because he feels that each asylum seeker should receive around 15000 Euros each for the first two years and if a certain country has more migrants, this might not be possible for them.

The EU must increase its funding to other countries that have taken up refugees; the funds that are available are not enough to ensure that an individual is well provided for. Even though it might not be possible for them to go about it alone, support from other countries worldwide such as China and the US will help. The EU must also establish safe routes and means for the migrants to travel through member states to their destinations. There should be a safe way for them to get to the frontline countries such as Italy and Greece so that there are fewer death cases when they are crossing the Mediterranean.

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  1. Zainab Cairo says:

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