The Emergence of Coriant as a Telecommunications Giant

One of the cardinal rules of entrepreneurship required to achieve success in the business world is the kind of human capital the business entity decides to invest in. In order for any corporation to achieve the goals and grow exponentially, it is imperative to employ head honchos who have a knack in business and bring a wealth of experience necessary to steer the company to greater lengths. An experienced management is able to inspire the staff of the company and implement innovative ideas for its growth. One of the companies that can attest to this fact is Coriant.

Coriant has grown to become one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Germany. The company’s growth and formation is attributed to the efforts of Marlin Equity Partners who formed it in 2013 as an independent company. Previously the company had been under Nokia Siemens Networks which is also owned by Marlin Equity Partners. Still under the ownership of Marlin Equity Partners, the growth and expansion of Coriant was effected by merging it with Sycamore Networks in the United States after Marlin Equity Partners also acquired it. The successful merger between the two companies would see the operations of Coriant operate in the United States as Coriant America Inc. The success of Marlin Equity Partners would also see it merge Coriant with Tellabs Inc. in the State of Illinois further expanding its operations.

Primarily, the company is involved in selling both hardware and software products to other companies for the optical transmission of voice, data and mobile networks.

One of the people who have significantly helped Coriant grow to where it is today as one of the top notch executives of the telecommunication company Shaygan Khedradpir. The brilliant Chief Executive Officer of Coriant is an electrical engineer from the Cornell University in the United States of America. He also holds a masters and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from the same institution.

He has previously worked for other multinational corporations like Barclays, Jupiter Networks, GTE Corporation and Verizon where ion each he played an instrumental part in helping the companies soar to greater heights. His contribution and expertise working in these institutions has helped him in his mandate as the chief executive officer of Coriant significantly helping to its success.

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