Martin Lustgarten, CEO and Financial Genius

Investment banking is entirely different than regular banking, in that investment banks do not accept deposits like commercial banks and retail banks do. An investment bank is a bank that helps individuals, as well as businesses and governments, in raising capital for them by representing them as their personal agent in the issuance of securities. There are 2 sides to the lucrative business of investment banking called the “sell side” and the “buy side.” The sell side consists of securities being traded for cash or for other securities. The buy side of investment banking pertains to advice that is given to institutions that indulge in investment services.

Investment banking is divided into three sections named front office, middle office and back office. The two sections involved with the front office are markets and investment banking, as their goal is to generate revenue. The middle office of an investment bank includes corporate strategy and strategy management. The back office is responsible for checking trades that have been transacted for errors.

There are several investment bankers who are well known in the investment banking industry, however, one of the most popular investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. Martin Lustgarten is the CEO of Lustgarten Martin, which is based in Miami, Florida, and is known to be one of the greatest investment banking firms in the America banking history. One of Martin’s many strengths is communicating and providing personal one on one advice to a broad margin of clients. Martin is also current on the social media trend, interacting with his clients through it.

Martin Lustgarten was born in July 1959, and over the last two decades, he has been working and excelling in the financial services sector. Over his illustrious career, Martin Lustgarten has diligently invested in overseas countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong. Besides being super successful in business, Martin Lustgarten is an avid juggler and spends his free time collecting and trading vintage automobiles, as well as vintage watches.

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