George Soros’ Advice on the Refugee Crisis in Europe

George Soros is one of the leading hedge fund managers having founded the Soros Fund Management a few decades ago. In numerous forums on stock market investment and the general wellbeing of the financial sector, he has sounded a warning on the need for investors to be careful about the current financial position as it’s reminiscent to the 2008 financial meltdown. He has cautioned investors to push their governments to legislate on finance on and increase the penal sanctions on rogue financial stakeholders to avoid a financial crisis.

George Soros has warned the European Union about an imminent collapse if the Union fails to step up and increase the cash needed to control the rising refugee crisis in most countries in Europe. There has been a massive number of refugees coming into Europe from other countries seeking asylum. This has been particularly observed in Greece where the refugee crisis on increases by the day. He opined that the legitimate refugees needed help and it was incumbent on the European Union to take up this initiative to help the people coming into Europe. It was prudent for the European Union members to come together and inject a substantial amount that would address this thorny issue. He asked the Union to at least release the funds to fix this problem and ensure that the members were adequately prepared to take in the refugees.

Many people leave their war torn countries in Africa and some countries in the Middle East after they have lost their families and the collapse of their governments. They troop to Europe hoping for a better life for them and their remaining families. George Soros further stated that the largest number of refuges that Europe can absorb each year is about three hundred thousand to five hundred thousand. Sticking with this number will enable the refugees to be absorbed easily into Europe as long as the claims to seek asylum are genuine. He stated that the Union would need at least thirty four billion dollars to handle this situation despite it big a huge amount of money.

George Soros founded The Soros Fund Management in 1969. The firm is a hedge fund involved in many notable international investments on behalf of clients. Over the years, with the help of family members including his son who is the deputy chairman, managed to exponentially grow the firm.

Apart from him being an astute investor and entrepreneur, George Soros has been involved in philanthropic activities in the United States and other parts around the world. Through Open Society which he founded in 1979, he has continually pushed for open governance and upholding the universal fundamental rights and freedoms that every man is entitled to regardless of race, creed or religion. He is also an established author having published fourteen best-selling books that majorly offer insight to investors on smart investment ideas in the stock exchange market and economics. He regularly pens articles on financial investment and how best to help save the world economies from collapse. The original article was published on CNBC and can be accessed through

Read more about George at The New York Times.

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