Bustle Writer Goes On A Hair Journey With Wen

Recently, Emily McClure over at Bustle.com decided to write about her experience with the Wen hair care line by Chaz Dean. She explains in the article that she has very fine hair, which reacts to products differently to thick hair, something women have been struggling with for ages. She went on to record a week-long experiment with Wen by Chaz, an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, and style formula.

For the first couple of days, Miss McClure showered at night and used the recommended amount of product for her hair type. She notes that she was pleased about the improved texture of her hair in the shower. Afterward, she blow-dried her hair in preparation for work in the morning. For every day she followed this routine, she recorded the fact that her hair was greasy and flat in the morning and throughout the day until she showered again. However, her hair retained a noticeable softness and shine.
For the last couple of days, she decided to shower with the product in the morning and style it for her day of work. She notes that this method worked much better for her hair type. Even though her hair lost its curls faster than usual, she and her friends noticed her hair was definitely more soft and shiny. It seems that WEN Hair by Chaz just needs a little getting used to in a beauty routine but offers some great benefits. To read Emily’s entire article in detail, head on over to Bustle.com.
Chaz Wen has been a photographer, hair stylist and salon owner since the early 90’s, and is noted for attracting celebrity clients to his salon. He has been toying with his own hair product formulas for many years and has seen much success due to his experimentation. He is still working in California and his hair products can be found in stores all across the country and online via ebay.

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