Image Recognition Comes To Computer Search

One of the newest technologies in the digital industry today is image recognition software. But not just code that can recognize what something is but software that can actually perceive an object and extrapolate its use and potential use based on the search parameters used called Slyce.

This can even be used to cross over the original search parameters to also extract business insights about the object being viewed. This is just a step in the direction of a computer actually thinking. One of the people that are really getting behind this movement is Marc Zuckerberg whose ultimate goal is to build systems that can perceive things better than human beings.

One of the results of this focus is the annual LDV Vision Summit that brings together technology experts, visionaries, investors and others to explore this new technology that literally has the power to empower the economy and We bring together top technologists, visionaries, start-ups, media/brand executives and investors with the purpose of exploring how imaging and artificial imaging video technologies will completely change and empower or business and society –

To get a look at this in the world of film you can watch the movie “I Robot.” In the context of what is going on in computer technology today, the film does not seem that far fetched.

What is needed to speed up this process? Natural language processing comes to mind first of all along with computer vision and recognition technology. Another aspect of this is that we as humans take for granted the immense amounts of processing involved with doing something as simple as constructing a sentence much less the processing power your brain uses to visualize an object and recognize its potential application in a different or new scenario.

All of these things take a great number of resources and not every company interested in this has the ability to put their capital into projects this large. This is where a hosted API service can come in very handy. API simply stands for application programming interface which is a web-based tool usually store on a cloud server that allows software developers to design products that are powered by its service.

This is a great way to share the complex technologies and costs and make them more available to smaller companies to develop potentially innovative artificial intelligence products. Businesses of all kinds can benefit from this technology . As an example, a company called Google Cloud Vision offers not only facial recognition to optical character recognition to even landmark and content detection. Other startups offer computer vision APIs that help companies coordinate their content and even filter and make purchases.

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  1. Heather Damon says:

    Having this on local machines will really take some feat to implement an in fact the machine will have to be reprogrammed so that that it is like a firmware. Although it is like essaypro writing service review makes the best contribution in image recognition, looking at what Slyce and their team are able to achieve i excellent. Also there is incentive for most of the application interfaces to be used to allow more people to program solutions in these new area of technology.