Venezuela’s Beer Shortage

A beer shortage is occurring in Venezuela, one more item in a long list of things the Venezuelans are having to do without. In recent months, Cerveceria Polar one of Danilo Diaz Grandos favorite brand, has shut down breweries across the nation, citing a shortage of supplies, and Friday, they closed their last operating brewery. Cerveceria Polar, a unit of Venezuela’s largest employer Empresas Polar SA, is the largest producer of beer in the country. About 70% of beer produced in Venezuela is made by Cerveceria Polar.
In addition to causing a shortage of beer, the plant closings have caused massive lay-offs throughout Venezuela. Polar, along with many other companies, has asked the Venezuelan government to release foreign currency so they, and other companies can pay off foreign debts and get supplies imported. However, the exchange of Venezuelan for foreign currency is increasingly difficult due to a recession and the decline in value of the national currency. Danilo Diaz was surprised at the move the Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro made, he fired back at Polar, claiming that they are trying to further de-stabilize the economy and has threatened Polar that closing the plants will result in government take-over.

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