Securus Technologies’ New App to Boost Inmate Communication.

Securus Technologies is among the leading firms that provide high-quality technology for the criminal and justice sector assist in monitoring, investigation and ensuring the security of the public. The company’s main offices are in Dallas, Texas, and according to, more than 3400 correctional facilities in North America that have a total population of 1.2 Million inmates benefit from its hi-tech services. Products that are offered by Securus Technologies include emergency response, incident control, informing the public, regulation of information, communication, investigation, monitoring, and inmate self-service. The company has dedicated itself to providing superior software solutions, and outstanding technologies by employing the appropriate type of staff such as designers, engineers, and technologists. Securus is known for its excellent customer service.
The firm recently revealed on Linked In that consumers were successfully taking on it new video calls mobile application, which is designed for inmates and is available for both Apple and Android devices. The application’s version that is made for Android devices has been on the market for close to six months and has currently gotten 60,000 downloads, and there have been 5000 downloads for the Apple version, which has been available for only one week. Securus Technologies’ Russell Roberts, who serves as its Marketing and Strategy Vice President, believes that the company’s Video Visitation software provides a convenient way for friends and family to pay a visit to their dear ones in prisons. People can also make calls conveniently to inmates using Apple and Android devices.

The newly launched Securus visitation app is available in App Store and Google Play for Apple and Android users respectively. Besides the remote visits, the software has other features, which include schedule notification, calendar synchronization, and checking networks before streaming a video. The software [see,] will enable family and friend to now share memorable moments with loved ones in a way phone calls cannot hence making them feel loved and close.

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  1. Peter Samson says:

    Securus Technologies visitation app is readily available in Apple Itunes Store and Google Play. Although I have an iPhone which I use to search for the best online essay sites, still it doesn’t support the visitation. Well, I hope one day it will.