Olympic Valley Incorporation Fights Ends In Favor Of Andy Wirth’s No Campaign

The ending of the campaign to incorporate California’s Olympic Valley area has been met with a mixture of emotions depending upon which side of the debate an individual was on; Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth is not calling for celebrations over the end of the incorporation debate, but instead a period of healing to begin for the community, according to The Reno Gazette-Journal. Wirth is hpoing the formerly tight knit community of Olympic Valley can quickly return to its former state and find greater levels of success for the future.

Andy Wirth is best known for his impressive recovery from an arm injury sustained during a skydiving accident that he has now almost completely recovered from. In fact, Wirth has now returned to competing in the Iron Man competitions he was once an excellent competitor in and raises money for Navy Seal’s and their families.

The return to working life from the injury that threatened his life has seen Andy Wirth look to develop new business opportunities for Squaw Valley and the local community to enjoy. A major development at Squaw Valley is a prime example of the community links Wirth has been building despite the incorporation fight, which has resulted in a plan to provide increased employment for local residents who will enjoy wages above the tourism industry standard. Read more: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

The incorporation fight pitted members of the community against each other amid great debate about how Olympic Valley would fund essential services should incorporation be backed by Placer County officials. Plans in favor of incorporation called for a tax on hotel rooms, but Andy Wirth revealed this was a dangerous route to go down as reduced snowfall in recent years had seen fewer visitors entering the area.

Wirth and his supporters feared low visitor numbers caused by a changing climate would result in essential services, such as road maintenance and trash collection, failing to be completed. After an independent fiscal review backed Wirth’s view that incorporation was a bad idea the people of the area have now ended their campaigns as Olympic Valley looks set to avoid incorporation for the time being.

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