IAP Worldwide Services Rise to Be a Proud American Company

IAP Worldwide Services began in Irmo, SC as nothing more than a logistics and procurement entity back in 2004. No one is saying this company did not aspire to be bigger, but they were more interested in providing quality to every single client. This might be the reason the US Army turned to them to provide generator supplies to the troops in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the company takes pride in knowing they were vital in helping the soldiers during the Operation Desert Storm. This small contract was nurtured, and IAP has now become one of the military’s most trusted partners.

The company went through a few changes and acquisitions as it continued to grow from its humble beginnings. The company stands today as it did back in 2014 when it was finally reconstructed and recapitalized under new ownership. It is now a giant company that employs over 1600 employees and has over 110 operations centers throughout more than 20 countries. IAP is also proud to say they support about 175000 personnel who serve dozens of military locations in the US as well as the Middle East.

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IAP has also been active as a humanitarian company who time and time again finds ways to help during times of trouble. This company has provided emergency power as well as other services or supplies to help those in need during a disaster. It is clear to see that IAP Worldwide has been growing into a company with a very clear image that includes honor, perfection, and real help. It is the kind of company that an American would be proud of.

The company continues to do whatever it can to improve the US, as well as the world in different ways. For one, the company just signed a contract to provide state-of-the-art equipment, construction, and materials to both the US and allied countries to fight illegal drugs. The illegal drug trade has been plaguing the world for far too long, and IAP wanted to play an integral part in taking illegal drug traders down one way or another.

The United States and its citizens definitely found a great partner with the IAP company.

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  1. Julia says:

    Sure, the kinds of capabilities that IAP plans to provide to the US and allies include the power to monitor illegal drugs but also illegal trafficking, piracy, transnational organized crime, and potential financial network threats, just to name a few. I will definitely include these things in my term paper writing this semester.