Securus Strive to Enhance Criminal Justice

Securus Technologies is a leader in providing civil justice and criminal technologies. Its function in the society is to help ensure public safety, maintain sanity in the correction centers and assist in carrying out investigations. In line with its duties, the C.E.O promised to make an announcement revealing wrongdoings and breaches of integrity in the civil and criminal justice industry by other communication service providers and in particular Global Tel Link.
According to Mr. Richard A Smith, the company’s CEO, the release will be a first of many and he does this out of his affection for the industry and the shame he feels for some carriers operating below the integrity bar and the set standards. He continues to add that Securus Technologies mission is bigger than making money, but rather it includes serving its customers in the appropriate way, full of integrity, while keeping the client’s interests first.
Some of Global Link malpractices that stand out include; programming the telephone clocks to add up to thirty-six seconds to call durations, programming the phones to charge higher than the rates set by PSC and billing a single call a couple of times. Global Tel Link engaged in these malpractices knowingly with its intent being to ‘steal’ from the customers.
Securus Technologies has set up its headquarters in Dallas, Tx. Its span of clients is broad serving approximately 3450 agencies in law enforcement, public safety and corrections. In addition to that, Securus Technologies looks after the welfare of more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America.
With an aim of achieving its goal of serving and connecting, Securus Technologies provides several services. Examples include incident management, investigation, communication, biometric analysis, emergency response, information management and inmate self-service. All these services aim at making the world a better place to live. To get more information on Securus Technologies you can follow updates on Vimeo.

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