Manage Your Company By Managing Your Reputation

It was just over a year ago that the Austin, Texas-based crisis and reputation management firm Status Labs found itself dealing with its own crisis. This crisis was caused by, of all people, a former executive of Status Labs. Even though his actions were done outside of his company role, they were local to the Austin area and this local news story quickly blew up into a national media event. The consequence of the story going national was that the company saw its reputation threatened. This kind of event was, to say the least, unexpected for a firm that has successfully helped thousands of businesses improve their reputations since 2012 and here they were now in the same boat that most of their clients found themselves in when they called us to help them. While many critics of our industry, online management, view what we and others do to improve a companies reputation in a negative light, we know that reputation management is an integral part of a proper business plan. We also know that the market for our services is only going to grow bigger as the role of public relations shifts from analog news media to the digital world. We also know this, a change in a companies behavior is the only sure way to change the way the public views your company and the services or products it offers to the public. And that is exactly how Status Labs handled our its own crisis.

The first thing we did, was call for the resignation of the executive in question. We then took this news along with a letter from our shop’s employees along with a photo of our team and posted it on the web. In addition to that, we have also helped our employees by initiating a stock option plan so that our employees can have an equity stake in the business. We have also encouraged employees with well-behaved pets to bring them to the office and we have been more active in recognizing individual and group achievements. By themselves, these changes may seem small, even insignificant, but in just over a year the growth and the future of Status Labs are back on track.

Status labs is an online reputation management firm whose sole purpose is to help leading brands and individuals always be viewed in the best light possible in the news and online. Status Labs is also adept at protecting clients from damaging their reputations by offering creatively tailored solutions to the unique needs of each client. Learn all about them at They’re also on Twitter @statuslabs.

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