Adam Goldenberg: Built for This

I like to think that oftentimes you are built for success and you are built for whatever is about to come your way. Everything in life has prepared you for this moment. No matter who you are, you have had ups, downs, and everything in between. If you are smart, like Adam Goldenberg is, you have used all of those experiences to your advantage. They have made you the person you are today and they have made you built to withstand and adapt to everything in life and especially in the business world. You have been built to handle it and nothing overwhelms you or flusters you.

In order to understand Adam Goldenberg, perhaps you need to know a little bit about his history. In order to fully commit to all of his business ventures, he dropped out of high school. He knew he had great ideas and great things he wanted to do, but he knew he couldn’t do them in the classroom. He had to branch out and start as soon as possible. When you have a great idea or want to start something on, there is no time like the present to get that ball rolling and get started. There is no time to wait and no time to waste.

Goldenberg’s first company was Gamers Alliance, which he started at the age of fifteen and from there, he went on to be the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. Once he met his business partner Don Ressler, he knew they were going to make it and they were going to succeed. Goldenberg knew they were a great team and they worked well together. They were on the same page with how they viewed the business world, the newest trends, and the markets. It was a friendship that would start JustFab.

According to a recent article at, JustFab wants to put together the everyday shopper with a stylist and see what comes out of it. it is all about creativity and making the most out of what is put in front of you. That is why this product is specifically catered to the customer. They don’t want to make a product that is only going to be a niche product. They want to create a product that is for all different types of women from all different types of backgrounds. It is about customer satisfaction and being diverse in all forms.

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