Connect Us – The Digital Filling Application Is Saving Thousands in Cash and Time For Prison Authorities

Everyone knows how difficult it is for someone in the prison to deal with bureaucracy. Perhaps, one of the most complicated issues faced by prisoners is the outdated paper application they need to submit for everything that includes grievance request, medical checkups and facilitation services. Most often, the prisoner is in the dark regarding the status of their application. Even if prison authorities make it easier to file lengthy paperwork, it is still not easy for prisoners to ask about the status of their filings. Most often, such filings end up nowhere in the middle of large piles of papers.

Things are about to be changed as ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Application from Securus Technologies offers reprieve to prisoners and regulatory authorities. Due to the latest technology, prisoners can fill in online forms for anything including grievance. medical checkups and other facilitation services. Using the digital interface of the new application, prisoners are able to update their status in real-time, just as they would do using an online application. At the back-end, the interface is connected to the network computers of jail authorities who have full control over the digital application. As such, jail management can add and remove forms. Accordingly, they can also provide update to the prisoners or offer specific instructions for an individual.

For Securus Technologies, results from ConnectUs Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Application are nothing less than extraordinary. It is estimated that the application is already saving thousands of dollars and countless man-hours by offering digital services as nearly 13.8 applications are filed by each prisoner, every month. A recent survey of the application also revealed that jail authorities are saving nearly 65 percent of their time compared to traditional paper applications, which is remarkable considering that only a few percentage points can translate into massive savings in cost and time.


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