Investigator Pro 4.0 Is Helping In Numerous Ways

Securus Technologies is always a company that has had its pulse on what is happening when it comes to the important issues surrounding civil and criminal justice, public safety, and keeping an eye on things. They like to stay ahead of the pack as opposed to playing from behind. They know they have a very important job and their job can be the difference between a crime happening or a crime being stopped before it even gets started. That is why they are so diligent with the work they do and take it so seriously. They know a lot is riding on them.


In regards to these types of situations, certain companies rise to the occasion. Securus Technologies has risen to the occasion with the release of the Investigator Pro 4.0, which also comes with searchable voice. This allows investigators to be on the top of their game when it comes to stopping inmates that might have the wheels in motion upon their release from prison. It gets a sample of their voice and it is able to trace all of the phone calls they have made. This is a big advancement in this sort of technology. Once they hear that voice, they can be in the loop on other phone calls they are making and the people they are speaking to on the other end of the phone call.


They can figure out how to best move forward and fix it. This was officially announced a week ago in the following article: Securus’ JLG Technologies Releases Investigator Pro™ 4.0
. Even though criminals are in prison and have been caught, many return to prison as they are addicted to the crime lifestyle and the life of being in a gang. They might even be plotting something with a fellow inmate. This is going to cut that down in a huge way.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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