Desiree Perez Likely To Be At The Center Of Samsung And Tidal Negotiations


Claire Atkinson of the New York Post notes that several sources have indicated that Samsung has restarted negotiations with Jay Z to take over Tidal. The giant electronics company based in South Korea has previously worked with Jay Z. That is during the 2013 launch of Magna Carta Holy Grail. Jay Z also teamed up with the firm with Roc Nation’s launch of Rihanna’s ANTI. Previously, the two companies have held on-and-off talks.

I.B. Bad, a Hits industry insider notes that Samsung may have cut a check to Kanye West for The Life of Pablo. A source preview to the talks explained to Atkinson that Samsung is re-engaging. I.B. notes in his upcoming column that the recent exclusives from Beyonce, Kanye, as well as Rihanna failed to generate the expected number of new subscribers. They were vital in making the business sustainable. Moving forward, Desiree Perez who works behind the scenes for Jay Z will be greatly involved. She supervises Tidal, Roc Nation Sports, and Roc Nation. She is well known as a tough negotiator that cuts the deals for the three firms.

Google as well as Spotify have also shown interest in Tidal. According to Atkinson’s source, the two firms believe the premium service can boost their own digital music services. Spotify has talked about establishing an initiative, which could produce a tidal that is powered by Spotify. It is more of a partnership rather than an acquisition.

Going by the current situation, Tidal needs a new home. Initially, there were talks with Sprint and SoftBank that did not come into fruition. During its launch, Tidal was estimated to be worth $250 million. Presently, the amount has dropped. With Desiree Perez at the helm, it is more likely an exceptional deal will be struck if her reputation as a brilliant and tough negotiator is anything to go by.

About Desiree Perez
Desiree Perez is Jay Z’s trusted associate that runs Roc Nation Sports. She is well experienced and has a long track record of managing SC Enterprises. Perez is known as a rabid number cruncher. She is also a tough negotiator. Perez is part of Jay Z’s influential team that includes Jay Brown, her husband. The group also includes Jana Fleischman, TyTy Smith, and Chaka Pilgrim.

Perez and his team manage the whole operations of Tidal as well as Roc Nation and its various management divisions. She handled the negotiations for the Formation Stadium tour of Beyonce. Additionally, she also negotiated the Rihana Samsung deal.

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