Brian Bonar Is An Entrepreneur Worth Awarding

In regards to awards, they are always a wonderful achievement and something worth celebrating. The fact the award comes from esteemed individuals and other individuals have taken the time to look at someone, recognize what they have done, and give them the praise they deserve.

In the case of entrepreneur Brian Bonar, he is the kind of person that deserves all the awards he receives and more. It is incredibly difficult to be an entrepreneur, as it takes a great deal of courage, power, and strength to start something and build something. A lot of people avoid that and would rather not get involved in that type of work.

Brian Bonar, however, is what is called a risk taker that is smart about it. He doesn’t just do something just to do it. Everything he does is carefully calculated and thought about from start to finish. Every possible outcome, he has thought about ten times over. Someone does not last thirty years in the financial sector without having the smarts and the willpower to succeed. He is

special and special people like him don’t come along very often, but when they do, it is truly magical.

Recently, he received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance, according to the following link: This is a fantastic award that carries a lot of weight, especially in the high stress world of finance.

There a lot of decisions to be made and if someone makes the wrong decision, they could wind up losing their career and getting in some serious trouble. Not everyone is built for this line of work. It is not for just anyone and that is OK. That is why the truly great ones like Brian Bonar deserve awards for the work they put into the job and the fact they get it right.

As a matter of fact, only two men and two women receive this award every year. That right there goes to show how rare it is to get this award and what a feat it is. It is not a competition in Brian Bonar’s mind.

He respects everyone that does what he does. For a decade, he has been CEO and chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is in charge of employer benefits and that falls on his shoulders. However, the fact he has stayed there for ten years and is receiving awards, it shows the quality of his work.

At the end of the day, it is not about quantity. It is about producing quality work that people are going to be satisfied with. His work has a lot of value and it stands the test of time. That is remarkable.

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