John Goullet Says Bring It On!

Whatever is thrown on John Goullet’s plate, he is ready and willing to handle it, even after all these years. That is a testament to the kind of work ethic he has and the love he has for the job. The IT world is changing just about every day and that is a good thing. A lot of times, people are afraid of changes and they tend to shy away from them or avoid them all together. In reality, they are chances to learn. Life will give people a lot of lessons out there and it is up to take those lessons, learn from them, grow from them, and become better from them.

That is what John Goullet has done throughout his entire career in the IT world. At one point, he ran his own company, Info Technologies, which was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Again, these are some of the biggest companies out there and they entrusted John Goullet to come up with answers and deliver them in a timely manner. He always said bring it on and was ready to come up with solutions. Fortune 500 companies really relied on him to have the answers in difficult times, and he enjoyed the rush of it.

Now, working with Diversant, which is a wonderful company that gets IT professionals off their feet and set up with Fortune 500 companies, John Goullet is playing a pivotal role in the company. He is on their leadership and advisory board and he loves to lead. He loves to take someone under his wing, maybe someone that needs a little building and a little confidence, and he loves to get them set up the right way and give away all of his tricks of the trade as well. That is another change for him, but it is a change that brings friendships and happiness to him.

He loves to know that he can help people that need some guidance along the way and a little help in certain situations before they are ready to work for a Fortune 500 company.

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