Naomi Campbell’s Life and Philanthropy

Naomi Campbell is one of the highly-decorated models in the world. Even in her 40, she still has it going for her. She was born in the year 1970 to a Jamaican modern dancer. Although, she was born in London, her early years were spent in Rome, she moved back to London when her mother had to go to Europe on a dance tour. Hence, she had to be left at her grandmother’s house for most of her early years. This was in Stockwell, South London.

Since a very tender age, Naomi Campbell was forced to act mature than most kids her age. At only the age of 5, she had to take a bus and then two trains to get to her school, Barbara Speake Stage School in Acton. At a very tender age, she was already appearing in music videos. According to Campbell, one of the most exciting videos she was featured in at the time was “Is this Love” by Bob Marley.

At the age of 15, her modelling career began and since then things have never been the same. Campbell, who was hanging out in a mall, in the company of her friends was approached by a woman from Synchro modelling agency. She asked her if she was interested in modelling and signed her to their agency. Three months after signing came her big breakthrough, she appeared on Elle.

She made it to the December cover of British Vogue at only 17 years. A year later, she was on the cover of Italian Vogue. The same year, she appeared on the cover of French Vogue, becoming the very first black to be on their cover. And, at only 19 years, she made it to the cover of American Vogue.

Campbell is recognized international, not only for being a supermodel but also for her charity work. She established the Fashion for Relief Foundation in the year 2005. The foundation was to help raise funds to provide relief to those affected by the Relief. Since then, the foundation has been holding events to raise funds for various charity courses.

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