Lime Crime Puts The Sheen In Makeup With New Metallic Collection


Metallic makeup is shimmery and soft or bold and in your face, depending how you wear it. Lime Crime cosmetics has created the most beautiful metallic makeup revolution in sexy eye shadows and their famous Velvetines liquid lipsticks.

When CEO and founder Doe Deere introduces a new makeup movement, you need to jump on it fast, or it will sell out before your very eyes. That’s what happened to her brand new water-activated wet/dry liquid foil eye shadows. Fans of the brand went crazy grabbing them up, and now, they’ve sold out. Luckily, the company is making more, but the makeup-obsessed like myself wanted them yesterday.


I admire Doe Deere for her tenacity, intelligence, creativity and fearlessness to create a highly successful makeup brand out of nothing but a dream. That’s part of why I follow her, and Lime Crime on Instagram and Facebook.  So interesting to get her unique perspective on fashion, and the industry at large. The Russian-born beauty always had a fascination with bright colors and fantastical things like unicorns. She took that amazing spirit with her when she moved to New York City and launched Lime Crime in 2008.


These days, she and the brand have become the social media darlings, with Lime Crime’s Instagram at 2.4 million followers.  I needed Lime Crime makeup in my life, because it’s fun makeup that lets you define your own beauty standards. I am inspired by Doe Deere’s business savvy and love of life. I especially like her About Us page at the Lime Crime shopping website:


“I make makeup for girls and boys like me, who express themselves unapologetically. Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”


I have a major collection of Velvetines lipsticks, mostly bought from Amazon, and I really love the new metallic ones.  Metallics can give every face a striking radiance, and it’s such a cool fashion runway look that works on the street, too.


I love Doe Deere and her brand; she cares about her makeup community, and we all share inspiration.

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