Magnises Brings The Benefits Of An Online Social Network Into The Real World

Most Millennials had a decent childhood. Growing up in the 1990s was pretty comfortable thanks to an economy that was in good shape, and Baby Boomer parents that wanted more for their children than they had. The biggest Millennial perk was the emerging technology on The Internet turned a fragmented world into a connected one. Life was good, and the message that parents were sending their Millennial kids was life was only going to get better. But at the dawn of a new century life seemed to lose some steam for Millennials that were graduating and trying to find jobs. Jobs were hard to find if graduation came after the 2008 Great Recession. The largest generation on record started to feel lost in a crowd of similarly struggling newbies. This massive generation began to realize life was more complicated than they imagined. But Millennials on on felt secure joining online social networks where immediacy, interactivity and convenience rule. A digital layer was built in their reality, and life on a computer offered more than life in action.

Millennials are creative, intuitive, and energetic souls that search for the good in life. Millennial, Billy McFarland, decided to bring the security of social networks into the real world using a method that was established decades earlier. Bill McFarland is a 24-year-old Short Hills, New Jersey Millennial that identified the gap in the lifestyle of big city Millennials. McFarland decided to start a members-only club that offered his peers the perks they deserve for a $250 a year membership fee. McFarland calls his club, Magnises. Magnises was launched in August 2013, but the actual rollout was March 2014 in Washington, D.C. and New York City. McFarland offers VIP club access using a black American Express type card. The card gives members discounts in restaurants, hotels, and other venues. The members enjoy an app-based virtual assistant as well. Magnises is a platform that brings Millennials together in big cities, and it works according to the 12,000 members that have the exclusive black card in their wallets. The card can be linked to a personal debit or credit card.

McFarland admits Magnises may not be for all Millennials. He believes the Millennials that work in the fashion, tech, and financé industry benefit the most because of their lifestyles. Magnises offers its members a ClubPass for $65 a month that provides access to the trendiest nightclubs in Washington and New York City. McFarland also developed a HotelPass, which is good for a stay at a Dream Hotel for $79 a night. Dream Hotel rooms usually cost more than $245 a night in New York. Plus, Magnises members enjoy private dining experiences and they can use the virtual assistant concierge-type service, to book concerts and make dining reservations.

The benefits connected to a Magnises membership are expanding, and McFarland is gearing up to offer memberships to Millennials in Atlanta, London, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. McFarland expects to hit $5 million in revenue in 2016. The concept of connecting to the latest hip spots and trendy activities works for Millennials that want to bond with like-minded young entrepreneurs that have money to spend.

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