Malini Saba becomes successful In the United States

Many great people have migrated to the United States, and have ended up being successful. Malini Saba is one of the great U.S immigrants. When Malini was a young girl, she lived in Mapur, Malaysia together with her parents. Later on, they moved to Australia where Malini grew up. However, Malini did not stay in Australia for many years because she then moved to the United States at the age of 19. When she was moving to the U.S, Malini had only $200 together with her former husband.


Malini rented a cheap apartment together with her former husband next to Stanford University since her husband was schooling there. Malini started attending financial and investment classes while she was staying at that apartment. Malini later started seeking advice from experienced professionals since she now had some knowledge of finance and investment. Malini would gatecrash parties where there were investment bankers to ask for advice from them.


With that little knowledge, Malini started making her first investments using her savings. When you look at where Malini has come from, it is clear that her unique start to her investment career worked out quite well. Malini is committed to learning the financial world, and this has enabled her to establish her company known as Saban. Saban is an investment company that has made several investments in various assets globally. Some of the properties that Saban owns include real estate ventures in India and Australia, technology enterprises in the United States, and oil and gas properties in China. These substantial investments have made Saban to be successful. Apart from managing Saban, Malini also runs other companies like PayPal, Sycamore Networks, and Netscreen Technologies.


Malini is also a philanthropist. Saba is the founder of Stree, a global investment firm that focuses on helping low-income women to build-up their lives. Stree, which was founded in 2001 focuses on helping women to build up confidence and create a role for them in the society. Saba has also done other great things like donating $1 million towards building a hospital. Saba also pledged $10 million to the tsunami victims in Sri and India.


Malini is a top investor and philanthropist all over the world. Malini is of South-Asian origin. According to SlideShare, Saba devotes herself towards helping children all over the world through the provision of healthcare, a safe place to live and educational opportunities. Malini also supports orphanages across Sri Lanka and advocating for human rights in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and India.


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