New Revamped Website for Nationwide Title Clearing Inc makes title defects void

There have been new technological developments with Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc, where now property reports can now be readily accessed by ordering online. What does that effectively mean? Well, it means that since title defects have concerned many working in real estate in recent years, while it’s property records that help make sure titles are conveyed clearly. What can a defect mean? It can indicate wrongful disclosures, which can contribute to stagnation, without a smooth transition of a person’s assets.

Nationwide Title Clearing has responded to these specific concerns with the online ordering mechanism. Having correct titles available online helps also in a reduction of buyback risks or foreclosure problems.

What does National Title Clearing do? The company works for the financial and mortgage industry by researching and documenting process providers and has also managed to get out securing property reports in a simple way. The company’s new updated website is up and going and now anyone can access those reports online.So how do title defects happen? When a title is rendered invalid including issues with wording that doesn’t comply with real estate standards, failure to include proper signatures necessary for transactions, old liens that have not been taken off and when recording documents for real estate purposes, failing to follow directions.

The CEO of NTC –John Hillman addressed the title defects before the property was sold or transferred. NTC has made specific property reports available online and some include:

• Assignment Verification
• Current Owner Report
• Tax Status
• Tax Status (Plus)

According to Hillman, the goal of NTC is to provide a process that is step by step when securing property reports. In fat, Hillman adds that NTC’s property report services are based on research conducted from authentic land records. They are also able to be accessed for any residential property in the U.S.

What NTC has accomplished is the ability to get data from multiple sources during the process – and focusing on county information, includes verification by automation and by humans. What has this practice successfully done? It has successfully allowed NTC the ability to service most of the biggest lenders successfully in the U.S. But the key is that NTC does this successfully under the most crucial and heavily audited compliance regulations.

Officials of NTC have confirmed that their processes produce the most accurate results. NTC considers its success by understanding what the end result is for clients, then customization of the property report with correct data.

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