Don Ressler and his Gifted Hands Leads to Creation of TechStyle

Don Ressler is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and co-founder of many companies. Don believes that the key to success in a critical world of business is finding the right partner to assist you to get to your zenith. Don Ressler and his business partner Adam Goldenberg met at Intermix. When Intermix was sold, the two teamed up and have worked on many projects together ever since. They are committed to building a sustainable trademark as they maintain their entrepreneurial spirits.

Don Ressler’s companies
Don Ressler was the founder of FitnessHeaven. He also co-founded JustFab and Intelligent Beauty. He started an internet business consulting with organizations with an aim to gain profits from the developing wired space. He managed to make over $1 billion sales and approximately $100 million capital for internet companies. Due to this, Don Ressler has a good reputation as a good businessman. He believes that Co-operation, creativity as well as innovativeness are the key principles to greatness.

Intermix Media bought Don’s first firm, FitnessHeaven. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg became partners and formed Alena Media. Later on, they established Intelligent Beauty Company that provided online skincare and cosmetics marketplace. Adam and Don formed JustFab in 2010.

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The JustFab Company
JustFab is a prominent lifestyle fashion brand. Their products are available nationwide, and they offer the clients a tailored and interactive shopping experience. Their expert advice to customers enhances the clients’ satisfaction, which in turn increases their sales. The prices are pocket-friendly, and there are numerous discounts such as free shipping for items costing more than $39.95.

In 2011, JustFab received$33 million from the Matrix Partners, a U.S. venture capital firm. It then received an additional $76 million from several companies including Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, Rho Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty. The capital enabled JustFab to expand its territories to United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. In 2013, the firm had an additional funding of $40 million to accelerate its international growth. In 2014, received $85 million from several organizations such as shining Capital Passport Special Opportunity Fund, Technology Crossover Ventures, and Matrix Partners. After this funding, the total capital became $250 million.

The headquarters of TechStyle is in El Segundo, California. Don Ressler and Adam chose this location because it was perfect to undertake business procedures cost effectively. Moreover, the marketing and online sales platform in El Segundo was unexplored.

TechStyle Group
Recently, JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Fashion Group. It comprises of four brands including Fabletics and JustFab. The company is growing very fast. The leaders have to be on the move to ensure that the rapid growth goes on smoothly. The two partners specialize in separate fields in the company to ensure they conquer on all sides. Adam is committed to optimizing business efficiencies in the firm while Don is dedicated to features that impact client satisfaction.

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