Why Millennial Women Have Chosen Evolution Of Smooth

A Woman’s Touch

The personal care industry caters precisely to a predominately female audience. Women buy more shampoo, more lotion, and even more lip balm than men. Naturally any successful personal care products company should market primarily to a female demographic. For CEO Sanjiv Mehra the choice to create lip balm company Evolution of Smooth was a natural one. He understood the potential fortune he could build he managed to convince Millennial women to buy his lip balm. To make this dream come true he used the experienced he gained working for Pepsi to bring EOS lip balm to life. Now thanks to his work young women everywhere are carrying spheres of EOS lip balm, https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/, in their purses.

Social Media Spreads The Message

This decade has seen the popularity of social media rise and change the way we live our lives. This change naturally extends to marketing especially towards younger demographics. Evolution of Smooth uses social media to its full advantage in terms of reaching out to its customers. Across Facebook and Instagram you can find celebrities using EOS or at least putting a few spheres of it in their selfies. The millions of Millennials who see those images naturally trust the brand.

The Future Of Industry

Giving customers the best product possible is one of the most important goals of Evolution of Smooth. A major part of this business model is EOS’ heavy use of automation. At every step of the process EOS aims to make production as efficient as possible. This represents one of the fastest adoptions of technology seen in any industry. In the coming decade many companies will see the potential of automation and implement it to improve the quality of their products. EOS is simply ahead of its time in this particular regard. Visit the evolutionofsmooth website to view the complete EOS product gallery.



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