Reversed showrooming – Fabletics takes a look from the new angle

Fabletics is an online subscription based store that offers workout and leisure clothes that look sporty and cute at the same time – a dream of any fashion girl. Fabletics brand was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressel in 2013. Within three years the brand became so popular that over the three years of its existence the revenue of the company reached $250 million. Sounds fantastic, want to know the secret?


Fabletics stays on top of fashion trends and movements and brings fresh and innovating ideas in life. These days it is very important to follow the tempo of the customers. As the “activewear” movement grows, so does Fabletics. Women want to feel comfortable every day, every minute; the demand for comfort has brought yoga pants and stretchy tops into everyday life. It is expected that the activewear will shortly move from a growing category to a mainstay. Fabletics has a great understanding of the modern stream and uses its potential to catch the wave.


Fabletics, as a membership-based store, offers two types of membership – regular and VIP. While regular membership gives merely access to the products, VIP membership benefits their clients with discounts and free shipping as well as substantial relationships between the company and its customers. It is a well-known fact that VIP always means additional expenses; Fabletics, however, introduces a more smart way to spend your money. The $49.95 withdrawn from your credit card is applied towards your online account and can be applied to partially or fully cover the purchase expense. This way, there is no money gone in vain.


Branding is another key element towards business success. While brand used to mean “fashion” in the past, it now has a wider meaning. The brand is now a synonym of exclusive design, quality, recognition; finally customer experience on all stages starting from being a potential customer ending up with VIP membership that opens new experiences. People like to love their favorite brands; they like their brands to be recognized by others.


Fabletics brand successfully uses the resources to be recognized and to be desired.


All these features are great, but what makes Fabletics so special? It is the way Fabletics uses reverse showrooming as a way to raise the company sales. A lot of off-line stores now suffer from sales depression. Customers do not feel like overpaying for something they can save. Browsing, trying to size and then purchasing outfit online for lower prices is now a common practice. Fabletics has launched an innovative idea that benefits both, the store and the customer. Having launched online membership fist, physical stores are mostly visited by customers who already have VIP membership and discounts. Whenever a customer appears in an online store to try closing on, it also goes into their online shopping cart. It is not important for Fableticst if the customer makes a purchase in the store or from home sitting in a cozy chair. Whatever makes the customer happy, it makes Fabletics proud of themselves.

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