Meet Neogama CEO and Founder, Alexandre Gama

Born in Rio de Janeiro on 1st July 1958, Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur and creative profession mainly focus on communications and advertising. In 1999, he founded Neogama Agency, which is among the top 20 largest advertising companies in Brazil.


In 2002, Alexandre Gama was chosen to manage global creation at BBH, A British network founded by John Hegarty, John Nartle, and Nigel Bogle. This made Gama the first Brazilian to run a worldwide network of agencies.

He started his advertising career at Standard Ogilvy and Mather in 1982 where he was a creative and copywriter. Alexandre Gama’s most successful years were when he worked for DM9 as a copywriter, during this time; he was the most rewarded copywriter of his generation. From DM9, Gama used to work for other agencies including Almap BBDO and Young and Rubican where he was a CEO.


In 1999, Alexandre Gama left employment life and started his agency, Neogama. During the first three years of its operation, Neogama was the fastest growing company in Brazil. Also during the first year of its functioning, it became the first Brazilian agency to win a Lions in the Cannes Festivals.


Alexandre Gama received his degree in Advertising and Communications from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He was also the first Latin American to present a Master Class at Cannes Festival, France.

Alexandre Gama has received several awards and nominations.

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