Lip Balm That Shines Anytime

While a lot of the chapsticks on the market work, some of them only last for twenty minutes or so. With scientists developing new ways to innovate the markets, plenty of companies have revolutionized lip balm. Here are a couple them made by EOS, one of the more popular brands on the market right now.

EOS lip balm isn’t like those other chapstick companies. They stand for “evolution of smooth” and their name does NOT lie. All of their products are tailored to make your body more moisturized and healthy. None of their chapstick contains mineral oil and can be used on all skin types.

EOS lip balm has built their own production facilities to ensure everything gets done right. After establishing themselves as a reliable source for chapstick, they’ve started developing lotion and other popular products. They have their own scientists and labs where they make sure all their products meet quality and safety standards.

The Pearl Shimmer Lip Balm

These are the go to if you’re looking to keep your lips moisturized and have that luscious shine. They’re packed with vitamin E anti-oxidants and jojoba oil to make the moisture retain longer. The Pearl texture makes it so it glides on your lips easily and doesn’t leave a scent.

The Pink Shimmer Lip Balm

For those looking for chapstick that adds a little more color to your lips, these give your lips a pink tint. Along with fruit oil coconut oil and other ingredients, it has shea butter which is what softens your lips.

These are just a few of the most popular EOS lip balm flavors. There a variety of other flavors available. They can be found online on eBay and as well as in many different retail locations. The exclusive website is also a perfect place to place an online order. Each flavor comes in their own unique color and packaging.


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  1. Juniper Adriel says:

    Amazing how Evolution of Smooth looks on the lips however, its not the look but what it does actually. Quite alright there are chapsticks out there one can use on their lips. But writing essay service has found out that most of these chapsticks are made of chemicals which damages the lips. No doubt the increase in the use of Evolution of Smooth. It is made of different flavors that keeps and treats your lips.

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