Top Five Greatest Anime Characters of All Time


Anime fans have been debating on Internet forums about the greatest anime characters of all time. They have defended their favorite characters in these hotly contested debates. Some fans have even gone ahead to form Facebook pages in support of their beloved character. It is imperative to consider factors such as recognition, impact, and legacy when choosing the best Anime characters


  1. Shinji Ikari


This character was featured in the Evangelion series that was written and directed by Hideaki Anno. Shinji featured in the set as a depressed character. Hideaki wanted to showcase escapist fantasy by creating a character who tries to fight depression.  Definitely one of the top anime robot series of all time.


  1. Spike Siegall


Spike was a versatile anime character that was featured in Cowboy Bebop. This character excelled in martial arts and mischievousness. In the series, Spike was also presented as a smart detective, a philosopher, and an emotional being.


  1. Goku


Goku was loved for his muscles, strength, heroism, and dedication. This character first appeared in the 1986-anime series known as Dragon Ball. Goku also influenced modern heroism character designs and stories.


  1. Astro Boy


Astro Boy is the oldest character in the animation industry. The character appeared in the 1963-produced Astro Boy series. The series was a mix of the Pinocchio tale and the Japanese atomic war. Osamu Tezuka is the brains behind Astro Boy.  There was also an 80s anime about Astro Boy that’s worth watching as well.


  1. Kenshin Himura


This anime character appeared in samurai anime Ruroni Kenshin that was produced in 1996. Kenshin Himura was featured as a character who had abandoned his old ways of killing people. However, as the anime series progresses, Kenshin is tormented about revisiting his past life.

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