Protecting The Rights Of Humans Is A Major Part Of The Work Of George Soros

George Soros has spent much of his career and life looking to develop the hedge fund he established in 1969 on Wall Street, which saw the direction Soros had mapped out for his life change amid a changing outlook on the world. In terms of the work George Soros has completed he has built a personal fortune of over $25 billion and created one of the most successful hedge fund companies in the world with an estimated value of over $30 billion; for George Soros the need to assist others in their lives has always been strong and dates back to his own family history that saw his father a major supporter of bringing an end to national borders and the development of a more international view of citizenship. The name Soros was chosen by George’s father from the global language of Esperanto as it can be translated into English to mean “to soar”. Some articles about George Soros was Reported on

Arriving in New York in 1956 after beginning his financial career in London in 1952, George Soros set out with a definite plan in mind when he arrived in New York with the hope of saving $500,000 before returning to the U.K. to continue his work as a financial specialist; Soros saw his future change when he became involved in Wall Street hedge funds and would eventually take U.S. citizenship after finding personal success as a hedge fund manager. George Soros had earlier explained the injustice and fervent capitalism of the U.S. went against the personal view of the world he wished to explore in terms of bringing fairness and freedom to all the people of the world.

As a believer in bringing social change to all nations George Soros has looked to become involved in a wide range of groups and causes that provide social welfare change to the people of the world where they are needed the most. Social welfare is an aspect of life that George Soros believes should be expanded instead of reduced as the 21st century moves on, which has led to the billionaire with an estimated fortune of more than $25 billion look to help groups such as The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights on Forbes that has looked to pressure governmental change when it comes to the lack of investment that has taken place in many inner city areas across the 20th and 21st centuries. Fairness in all its forms is something George Soros is always concerned with and his decision to develop the Emma Lazarus Fund in 1996 came after legal immigrants were limited in their access to public assistance and other welfare programs in what Soros believes to be an attack on those who had chosen to enter the U.S. legally. Search more on

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