Ahead Of The Curve: Nicki Minaj And Jennifer Lopez


The Pink Barbie Takes Over

Belonging on any list of famous rappers, Nicki Minaj is probably one of this decades greatest hits. From 2010 onward she has amazed with her brazen lyrics, versatility, and bodacious curves. Hip hop is already known for its curvaceous women, but Minaj takes it to an entirely new level and does so with class. From her beginnings with “Massive Attack” to new hits like “Side To Side” there is a clear style emerging. Years to come from now people are going to remember her and the impact she had on pop music and fashion.



Jenny From The Block

Famous for the Jennifer Lopez booty, J Lo is similar to Nicki Minaj and almost functioned as a sort of prototype of her. She was the female rapper known for her sass and her curves. Both Nicki and J.Lo come from New York City and both have a distinct East Coast style that bring out. What separates J.Lo from Nicki Minaj is her extensive acting career and her focus on making herself a jack of all trades. You can find J.Lo in plenty of music, but you can also find her in TV roles and you can find her in movies as well. Nicki Minaj is obviously still very young and she might catch up with J.Lo one day. Nonetheless, in the battle of the curves it seems as if these two are evenly matched. They have their respective crowds and they know how to give the hip hop audience what it wants when it wants.

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