A Review of Jeffry Schneider’s Career

Jeffry Schneider hails from Manhattan. He started his career in the financial services industry immediately after completing his studies at the esteemed University of Massachusetts at Amherst. While he was working for several prominent financial services corporations, he gained diverse professional skills. Notably, he developed a keen interest in alternative investment strategies. Because of his interpersonal skills, Jeffry developed extensive networks and maintained cordial relations with his customers. He started working for Paradigm Global Advisors, a fund of funds, in 2002. In this corporation, Jeffry established rapport with the executives and junior employees. Jeffry Schneider also worked for other companies, including Alex Brown, Axiom Capital Management and Smith Barney.

After gaining extensive knowledge in the operations of different companies, Jeffry decided to found his company, Ascendant Capital, LLC, a boutique alternative investments firm based in Austin, TX. His company provides a diverse array of education, sales, operational and marketing services. It also offers a modern approach of financial restructuring. The firm raises funds for both emerging and established alternative asset fund sponsors. In addition, the firm has been working with private banks, broker-dealers, registered investment advisors and family offices to distribute public and private offerings around the globe.

Through his transformative leadership, Ascendant has grown rapidly. Presently, the firm has enlisted the services of more than 50 employees. In the last five years, Schneider has raised approximately $1 billion in capital. The company has partnered with over 250 investment advisors, 50 broker-dealers and many family offices. Using the equity, the company has been able to purchase tech companies, real estate and auto-dealerships. Schneider and his team are devoted to providing clients with innovative services. In 2017, the company expects to raise over $50 million on a monthly basis.

Ascendant Capital seeks to be a leader in the industry. The company’s environment promotes open dialogue between employees and the senior management. Ascendant Capital provides clients with innovative products and services.

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