Jose Borghi Realized His Dream By Becoming a Renowned Brazilian Advertiser

Jose Borghi experienced an especially complicated occasion as a boy, in his native soil of Brazil. During the time that Jose was undergoing his lessons at Middle School, Jose Borghi discovered that it was very off-putting to try and form a comprehension for what his career path might become. Jose saw no visible answer to this conundrum, until his sister spoke to him. She asked if Jose might want to go with her and see some presentations at the theater. These presentations were not exactly the same as films or tv series; these presentations were marketing commercials focused on Brazilian advertising.

In the beginning the notion of going out to a theater and watching television advertising seems odd. On the other hand, these advertisements were popular all over the country of Brazil, and had achieved highly impressive trophies for their ingenuity and their entertaining production style. Each advertisement that was shown in the theater that night had achieved a famous golden lion trophy award from the celebrated Cannes Film Festival. Mr. Borghi wanted to own a trophy of his own, and when he became a man, he vowed to be employed at an advertisement company.

Jose Borghi is an exceedingly documented business leader for advertising publications throughout Brazil. Jose is the creator of the group Mullen Lowe. They are with Brazil’s most highly powerful advertising companies. Mullen Lowe Brazil achieved most fame for a vastly trendy advertisement that was thought up by Jose Borghi; called “Mammals Parmalat.” That Brazilian commercial is exceedingly hilarious and delightfully acted out. It showcases numerous kids dancing with a fantastic amount of jubilation while covered in costumes that appear as if they are stuffed animals. While the kids dance, they also sing a cooperative jingle of trendy Brazilian songs and founded by Jose.

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