Battling Cancer and Unhealthy Aging

Battling Cancer and Unhealthy Aging

Cancer is taking more people to the grave than some of the diseases that killed people in the past years. The barrage that comes with the medication of cancer is thick. It causes financial detriments to victims and individuals who are directly related to them. The most devastating thing is when people spend a lot of money to pay for hospital bills only for the victim to succumb to cancer. It is a terrible experience for individuals who have been through such a phase in their life. One cannot tell the cause of cancer and the secure protective measure that people should take to protect themselves against it. Another disturbing state of living while unhealthy is when a person is old. The society tends to abandon old and sick people because they appear like a burden. Relatives love being around old people who are strong and can work. They like to spend time with them because they can add value to them in one way or another. Dr. Clay Siegall is creating solutions for these challenges. He is the chairman of Seattle Genetics. This is a biotechnology firm that develops the treatment for cancer and anti-aging pills.

Siegall has more than two decades in the profession. His academic qualifications give him confidence in what he creates at Seattle Genetics. He is a person who is passionate about developing a cure for cancer to avoid the many deaths that are experienced currently. Dr. Siegall has sat under different leadership positions while searching for viable solutions towards the treatment of cancer. He has worked in many leadership positions and understands how to lead and implement different strategies with various teams. What is done at Seattle Genetics is different and peculiar since Dr. Clay Siegall trains his human capital himself. He trains them on researching and assigns them various projects. This indicates that he is a man who is a servant leader. He demonstrates accountability while training so that they can produce quality products at a cheaper rate to harness the cost of treatment for cancer while providing quality anti-aging products.


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