EOS Evolves Smooth Profits in Oversaturated Market

In a field completely dominated by household names like Chapstick, one newcomer has managed to do what companies before had tried and failed to accomplish- making a name for themselves against competitors like these in an oversaturated lip balm market.

EOS lip balm, for nearly a decade, has been steadily increasingly its hold on the market. Starting in obscurity about 7 years ago, consumers soon noticed as the tiny spheres of lip balm appeared on shelves across the country. Reveled for delicious flavors and quality products, EOS has made a huge impact in a short time and has proved that they’re going nowhere anytime soon.

In a recent interview with Fast Company, they opened up about how they’ve grown their company so much in such a short amount of time and revolutionized the industry. Realizing that their competitors were being lazy when it comes to making their products stand out against competitors, they strove to make a distinguishable product that appealed to the products main demographic. Their careful research and consideration on design, coupled with a quality product that combines great taste and organic ingredients for a competitive price, truly paid off for the brand.

EOS went on to dominate the market, partly due to their expert use of influencer marketing, which saw the company’s products reviewed on Amazon by people like bloggers or YouTube channels. Knowing how to reach their demographic led to many new potential buyers hearing about a great new product available on the store shelves of Target and Walmart.

All of this work saw the company make strides in a short amount of time, in a market dominated by companies that had been around for nearly a century longer than them. Knowing how to reach their audience and deliver to them an amazing product, they’ve grown from small startup to a truly household name. For more information, visit Evolution of Smooth.ca.

Product Link: https://www.costco.ca/eos%C3%A2%E2%80%9E%C2%A2-Lip-Balm-6-pack.product.100322342.html

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