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Jason Hope is a spokesman and writer about the latest trends in tech matter. He is very adamant about a topic called the “Internet of Things.” This trend refers to the interconnectivity of many of our devices, so they synch with each other. We are the beginning stages of how smart devices work, but we have yet to understand the full implications of all of this connectivity.

Our daily lives can be improved, for example, if our coffee pot, kitchen appliances, automobiles, street lights, and other electronic devices can all talk to one another, so can our street cars, airplanes, and other major items can too.

Jason Hope contemplates that there can be more efficiency and less waste that can be applied to everything and that this type of technology may be the biggest investment that businesses will be making in the future. The influence of The Internet of Things will be so great that on a global basis major corporations and even countries will be focusing on the inter-cooperation in these areas.

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Hope goes on to point out that the smart technology that we simply find novel and convenient now will soon become the way of wise thinking in the not so distant future. Hope predicts that there will be major competition between all of the major companies of the world to be able to produce the most relevant apps for consumers in these areas.

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In areas, that matter such as public safety from accidents in vehicles, namely automobiles and trains, less congestion on our highways, less pollution and all of that are distinct possibilities as the Internet of Things take shape.

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